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About Us

Welcome to Parguera


A small Village filled with great natural, scientific, gastronomic, special events and artisanal richness.  The Parguera, better known as “Paradise” and without exaggerating, given that this unique place on the island offers diverse recreational activities and a Caribbean gastronomy that satisfies the most demanding palate. Starting with a trip through the canals, a day on the beach of one of its famous cays, a walk along its water front kiosks, or if you don’t want to be on a boat, you will fall in love with the amazing picnic area at Playita Rosada. Among the many sports that you can experience here are: recreational fishing, kitesurbing, wakeboarding, sailing, cycling, kayak, paddle, and diving. When diving in these waters you can visit one of the most renowned world treasures: “La Pared” or the Wall.  Night water activities are also available so you may take pleasure of the beautiful bioluminescent sites found throughout the canals of these marvelous coastal waters. Discover why this village is a jewel in the Caribbean.


Visit us soon.

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